Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1st Golf Trip with Daddy

Emma had her first golf trip with daddy on April 29, 2007. They went to South Hills Golf Course here in Hanover. She was so excited! They played 18 holes and had a snack at the clubhouse. Emma had a wonderful time, but to tell you the truth I think Will have an even better time spending time with Emma. And the fact that it was at the golf course made it even more perfect. These are a few pictures taken before the big outing. The golf glove Emma is wearing belonged to my Uncle. It is the lucky golf glove. Goes everywhere in the golf bag! Hanna and I spent some quality time together shopping while Emma and Will were golfing. Good time for all! They are planning their next golf outing. Emma may even have a new pair of golf clubs with a pink golf bag. Watch out Tiger.....Here comes Emma!