Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kindergarten Orientation

I managed to survive Emma's Kindergarten orientation today. I thought it was going to be ugly, but I did well. I was a little concerned when she wanted to wear her Shrek ears, but was so relieved when she took them off in the car. Shew. Either the other kids would have thought she was cool, or a freak. :) I'm gonna go with original. She spent an hour with the Kindergarten teachers reading books, coloring pictures and singing songs. Emma said both of the Kindergarten teachers were very nice. She was such a big girl. Made momma proud. Hanna was so cute this morning. As we were leaving she ran to the door to give Emma a big hug and wished her a good day. Adorable. Love the sisterly love that is so evident, most of the time. The picture of Emma with the little boy is one of our neighbors. His name is Corey. The girls and Corey have a great time playing together and Corey will start school with Emma. While Emma was at orientation I went to Walmart, alone. It sure was nice to get to the check out without a lot of extras thrown in there. The girls are so good at "adding" things to the cart when I am not looking. I guess they think I won't notice as I am unloading the cart. As well as Emma did today it still did not ease my mind and heart for homeschooling. I would like to ask that everyone please pray for me as I consider homeschooling the girls. There is a huge population of home school children here, so I know that I would have a great support system if I am called to home school. I will keep you all posted as to my decision to home school. Enjoy the pictures!