Sunday, June 3, 2007

This is wack mommy!

Yesterday we had a nice family day. Girls were very well behaved while we were out looking for new bedding for Emma's bed. Funny story though. Kids really do say the funniest things. While we were in TJ Maxx Emma looks at Will and I and says, "Can we leave now mommy? This place is wack!" Oh my! Where did she learn that? It was hilarious. Upon further investigation we learned that Emma's cousin Zack taught her the word, "Wack". Thanks Zack. It gave us all a good laugh. These are a few pictures that were taken before our day out.I just love Hanna's dimples! They are growing so big and so fast, and are very beautiful girls. I am so blessed to have such a loving family! Thank you God for my family!


Kate said...

Love these pictures! Beautiful girls!