Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanna See Something Pitiful?

Hanna awoke this morning running a 103.6 degree temperature and vomiting. Will and I took her to the doctor right away. She assured us it was something viral and just to take her home to get some rest. If not better in the morning to take her for blood work. Well, the day progressed and so did Hanna's temperature. She vomited the entire day and finally at 2pm when I took her temperature it was 105 degrees. I called the doctor and she said, "Take her to the ER asap". So I called Will crying, he came home, and we took our baby to the ER. Her temperature was 104 and they were having diffuculty bringing it down. The nurses and doctors were phenomenal. They gave Hanna IV fluids, antibiotics, and anti-nauseu medicine. Hanna never even budged when they drew her blood and gave her an IV. She was out of it. And hour and half later when she came too, she wanted to know where the IV came from. We spent 6 hours at the ER, and the blood results showed a serious case of Strep Throat. She never even complained of a sore throat!? Hanna's white blood count was over 40,000. Normal is 5,000-10,000. Her body was fighting so hard. I praise God that we got her to the ER when we did. She is doing great now. She will be sleeping next to momma tonight though!


Kate said...

Hope you're feeling better Hanna! Such a brave girl. Such a brave momma! xoxo

The Princesses said...

How pitiful is right! Bless her heart. Wish I was closer, Nana's lap is ready to hold her. Mom

Kelly Renee Johns said...

That is so sad. I hate to see a sick baby. And then when there is nothing you can do about it?? You would totally take so they wouldn't have too, you know? Love you Mandi.