Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day of School!

I know, not exactly the happy pictures you might have been expecting. Today was Emma's last day of Kindergarten and to say that she is going to miss her Kindergarten teacher is an understatement. As we got out of the van tonight Emma began to sob. I thought she had hurt herself, that is how badly she was crying. I went over to her, picked her up, and asked what was wrong. This is the point where my heart broke. Emma told me she was sad because she wasn't going to see Mrs. B again. Apparently it had just hit her that she was now a first grader and that she would no longer be in her Kindergarten class. I haven't read in any parenting book quite how to deal with a sad six year old who misses her Kindergarten teacher. She did eventually calm down when I asked her to show me all the cool stuff she brought home in her summer fun bag. Diversion, that is was worked for me this time. Maybe next time will require ice cream?! Thank you Mrs. B for making such an impact on this precious six year old. You are a wonderful teacher! We will miss you.


Mrs. B :) said...

I am so glad you were in my class this year, Emma. I know you will do great in your new school. You will have wonderful teachers and make many new friends. Take care!