Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ultimate Healing

I am so full of sadness right now, but also rejoicing. I am not sure how many of you may have been following the link from my blog site titled, Living With Leukemia. Amy Wilhoite has been fighting for her life since she was diagnosed with cancer in July 2006. She is only 26 years old. I have been following her blog and praying on a continuous basis for healing of Amy. Amy has a beautiful boy named Gary who is 1 1/2 years old. I cannot fathom the pain that this family has had to deal with seeing such a young woman, mother, daughter, wife, friend deal with the pain and suffering of cancer. I always drew wisdom from Amy's post. She seemed so strong and praised God during her storm. I prayed each time I would click on her website that there would not be a post about Amy's death. I prayed that she would be healed. Just a moment ago I clicked on her blog and my heart broke. Amy went on to be with the Lord yesterday. Leaving behind a husband, son, and a family that made it so apparent how much they love her. I am rejoiceful for Amy in that her suffering is no more, but saddened by all those left behind whose life she has touched. I would like to please ask that each of you pray for Amy's family. For strength, healing, and that they may find comfort in knowing that Amy has truly experienced ultimate healing. Wilhoite family, you will continue to be in my prayers.


Mom said...

What a beautiful gift Amy leaves behind-her testimony through her blog has touched many lives. Although you never met her, you came to know her through her words and grew to love her (remind you of anyone?). God constantly sends angels in and out of our lives. I pray for Amy's family and those whose lives she touched.